The ChronoCord® HRV measuring device has been further developed in scientific projects and, together with an intelligent software system, finds a variety of uses in the health, sports and prevention fields.


The ChronoCord®8, as its name implies, is the eighth generation of this HRV measuring instrument and provides a comprehensive, meaningful and, above all, scientifically sound evaluation via a comprehensive database (comparison data of more than 1000 healthy test subjects).

In addition to this extensive database, the hardware also offers the highest standard and the results of years of research, which has already begun in 1991 with the AustroMIR mission (space flight by Franz Viehböck).





Because of the 8000hz, the ChronoCord®8 has an extreme measuring accuracy, which none of the comparable comparable devices can match. The same applies to the 16-bit data resolution, which together with the sampling rate and the database from the ChronoCord®8 makes a high-end product.

8000Hz sampling rate? Why?

The following is an experiment with different devices with different sampling rates (200Hz (BCG *), 1000Hz (cECG **) and 8000Hz (ChronoCord®) measurements on 40 healthy people.


** cECG - Elektrocardiogramm 

Each pair of images shows:

on the left:     Data from all subjects, ECG with 1000Hz sampling rate compared to a measurement

                       with 8000Hz sampling rate

on the right:  Data from all subjects, ECG with 200Hz sampling rate compared to a measurement

                       with 8000Hz sampling rate

Reference system is the ChronoCord® (8000Hz, 16Bit)

Not much difference in average heart rate (first pair of images), but overestimation of variability is unacceptable with a lower sample rate (pairs of images 2 and 3) Note: All data was measured at rest - it is likely to be larger in motion.

Conclusion: Lower sampling rates than 1000Hz can be used to estimate the heart rate, but not HRV, as there is a non-linear systematic overestimation of HRV at lower sampling rates.

​​​​​HRV sample rate comparison

Same basic data from the same person at 100Hz, 250Hz, 1000Hz and 8000Hz (2 examples)

Left:    3 hours of good sleep

Right: 3 hours of bad sleep

100Hz: no structure

250Hz: not much better

1000Hz: Data structure becomes recognizable

8000Hz: clear high-resolution diagram

Remember: you have to discover small changes at a high resolution.






Thus, the sampling rate of 8000Hz represents the current state of the art. Lower sampling rates are outdated as the MRI image on the left image.

                                  20 years ago                                                                               Today



Like the presentation on an MRI, the presentation of the HRV measurement has also changed.

                                    20 years ago                                                                     Today




Therefore, the accuracy of the ChronoCord® can be compared with that of other products.

The ChronoCord8 - excellence in the 8th generation


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