Parameters of the ChronoCord® measurement

  • Overall variability (SDNN, LogRR): Overall variability is a measure of the total vitality of the organism. A high variability is in the sense of homeodynamics a sign of a healthy organism, which lives activity and recreation in balance.

  • Vagus Tonus (parasympathetic, respiratory rhythm): the vagus tonus is the central nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system and responsible for the recovery of the organism, which occurs especially in sleep. The vagus tonus is shown as High Frequency over 0.15Hz in the frequency analysis. He controls and influences the following processes:

    • Inflammation management

    • Sleep recovery

    • hormonal balance

    • Cell repair

  • Sympathicus: the conscious and activating part of the nervous system provides the functionalities necessary for successful coping with everyday life. A high sympathetic rhythm stands for physical and mental performance and problem-solving ability. We use the Low Frequency in the 0.1 Hz range as a measure of mental performance and Very Low Frequency from 0 to 0.04 Hz as a measure of emotional and physical activity.

  • Vegetative quotient: the quotient of activation (LowFrequency) and recovery (HighFrequency) represents an important measure for the homeodynamics - the change between recovery and stress. A healthy organism does not remain in a - perhaps optimal - state, but oscillates between activation and Recreation. The phases should be clearly different between daytime and post-rhythm.

  • Biological age: Each long-term measurement is compared with the parameters from our health database. From this comparison, we represent the "biological age" of the customer. The effects of changes in ratio or behavior are immediately measurable!

  • The parameters of the HRV are not only diagnostically, but also prognostically suitable to show health as well as risk potentials.


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